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The Federal Reserve and its Founders
Money, Politics and Power

Richard A. Naclerio

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240 pages | 234 x 156mm | May 2018


The US Federal Reserve has been with us for just over 100 years. Founded in response to a major economic panic, it has played a key role in the world economy ever since, including the recent global economic downturn.

The Fed’s structure is unique amongst the central banking system. Many people think it is a government agency, that it is created by politicians for the benefit of the US economy, and that it is regulated by the US government. None of these assumptions are true.

To fully understand the Federal Reserve and its role today we need to examine its origins and the men that founded it. Using extensive archival sources, Richard A. Naclerio investigates the highly secretive events that surrounded the Fed’s creation and the bankers, financiers and economists that played a fundamental part in shaping both its organization and the role it was to play over the next century. In particular, the book examines the motivations of those seven men who met in secret on Jekyll Island, Georgia to create the first draft of the Federal Reserve Act, and reveals the banking and business ties and shared ideologies that bound these men together.

The book makes a significant contribution to economic and financial history and sheds new light on the making of one of the world’s most important financial institutions and how it came to have the national and international influence it does.


1. Introduction
2. The System
3. The Island
4. The Politician
5. The Architect
6. The Lieutenant
7. The Emissary
8. The Professor
9. The Farm Boy
10. The Panic, the Pirate and Pujo
11. The War
12. The Journalist
13. Conclusion

Author Information

Richard A. Naclerio is an Adjunct History Professor and an Academic Advisor at Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA.

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