The Economy in the History of Ideas


Series Description

Recent years have seen a call for a more historically-informed analysis of the workings of the economy, including a greater emphasis on the diversity of theories and approaches that have shaped the history of economic thought.

This series provides a fresh approach to the rich history of writing on the economy of the past 250 years. From Adam Smith to Amartya Sen, the series will explore the ideas of a range of economic, political and social thinkers, many outside the traditional neoclassical frame of reference, that have made a truly fundamental and original contribution to our understanding of the economy.

Each book interrogates the importance of a particular thinker’s ideas, theories and values to the study of the economy both in their contemporary context and today. Consisting of between 8–12 commissioned essays that together critically examine the full range of a thinker’s work, each volume offers new perspectives and insights into their contribution to the history of economic thought, whether methodological, theoretical, or empirical, and highlights their continued relevance for the study of the economy today.

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Details of titles in this series to follow shortly.