China's Hong Kong SECOND EDITION

The Politics of a Global City

Tim Summers

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"Summers's work provides a ground-breaking re-assessment of modern Hong Kong, from an observer with decades of experience in the region." – Biblio-Fiend

"This readable overview of twenty-first-century Hong Kong by Summers, a former British diplomat and resident commentator in the city, succinctly reviews the major events of globalization that have impacted the city, shaped by its changing relations with China and the rest of the world." – Choice


In 1997, Hong Kong became a special administrative region of China under the “one country, two systems” framework. In this new edition, Tim Summers brings his analysis of the politics of Hong Kong fully up to date and discusses the ramifications for the city of the mass demonstrations of 2019–20 and the city’s intensifying confrontational politics that have culminated in China’s new national security law for Hong Kong.

In the process, Hong Kong has lost the sweet spot it occupied for four decades in a world of intensifying economic globalization and decent US–China relations, all the more so after Covid-19. Instead it finds itself at the frontline of US–China strategic rivalry. Summers explores how the city’s future will be shaped by the interaction of these global tensions with Hong Kong’s polarized local politics and its relationship with Beijing.


Preface to the second edition
1. Hong Kong before 1997
2. Implementing the handover settlement
3. Hong Kong’s economy, globalization and the rise of China
4. The Occupy movement and its aftermath
5. International dimensions of the Hong Kong SAR
6. A year of protest
7. Hong Kong’s future

Author Information

Tim Summers is an assistant professor in the Centre for China Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and a senior consulting fellow on the Asia-Pacific programme at Chatham House, based in Hong Kong. He was a British diplomat for 13 years, including five years in Hong Kong (1996–2001).

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