Political Racism

Brexit and its Aftermath

Martin Shaw

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In Political Racism, Martin Shaw argues that intentional, organized hostility mobilized by political actors should be regarded as a distinctive form of racism, with a special significance in societies where racism has been delegitimized. Using a framework that integrates strategic, ideological, media, popular and policy dimensions of political racism, the book examines its role in Brexit and the rise of a new nationalist politics in the UK.

In a compelling analysis the book argues that Powellite anti-immigrant racism, reinterpreted in numerical terms, was combined with anti-East European and anti-Muslim hostility to inform the Europhobic victory. Political racism was embedded in the Brexit conflict, shaping the form of EU withdrawal and the government’s post-Brexit policies.


1 Conceptualizing racism and political racism
2 Political racism and immigration
3 The Europhobic movement and its ideology
4 Racism in the referendum
5 Embedded racism in the Brexit conflict
6 Johnson’s victory and the nationalist Tory regime

Author Information

Martin Shaw is Emeritus Professor of International Relations and Politics at the University of Sussex and Research Professor at the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals. He has written widely on global politics, war and genocide.

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