Exploring Spaces of Exchange

Edited by Christian Berndt, Jamie Peck, Norma M. Rantisi

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The term "market" originally portrayed a public space for economic transactions but the term has since evolved into an abstract and disputed idea. Despite modern markets seemingly omnipresent nature, their specific geographies have undergone relatively little analysis.

This collection of new essays rediscovers the physical space that markets inhabit and explore how the impact of political, social and economic factors determine the shape of a particular market space. The essays present new research from the fields of geography, economics, political economy and planning and provide valuable case study material to show how markets are contested, constructed and placed. Rather than separate markets from the surrounding society and state, these essays connect markets to their wider context and showcase how economic geography can combine with other disciplines to throw new light on spaces of exchange.


1. Introduction: exploring markets
Jamie Peck, Christian Berndt and Norma Rantisi

Part I Finding Markets
2. Thinking socially and spatially about markets
Joy Paton and Damien Cahill
3. Where are markets?
Jamie Peck
4. Geographies of marketization: performation struggles, incomplete commodification and the “problem of labor”
Christian Berndt and Marc Boeckler
5. Persistent problems in the Polanyian critique of the market
Fred Block

Part 2 Constructing Markets
6. What are markets for and who makes them? Class, state-building and territorial management in the constitution of markets
Erica Schoenberger
7. Geographically contested and variegated marketization
Jun Zhang
8. Markets as struggle: the circulation and construction of charter school markets in the United States
Dan Cohen
9. Of water and knowledge: the formation and scaling of public goods and markets
Mark Harvey
10. The social metabolism of Karl Polanyi’s fictitious nature
Scott Prudham

Part 3 Placing Markets
11. From the urbanization of capital to the capitalization of the urban
Philip Ashton and Brett Christophers
12. Planning the social economy: the spatial politics of community economic development in Toronto
Kuni Kamizaki and Katharine Rankin
13. Toward an ethnography of the national economy
Hannah Appel
14. Platforms, merchants, and market space
Chris Muellerleile
15. Conclusion: “market research”
Norma Rantisi, Christian Berndt and Jamie Peck

Author Information

Christian Berndt is Professor of Economic Geography at the University of Zurich.

Jamie Peck is Canada Research Chair in Urban and Regional Political Economy and Professor of Geography at the University of British Columbia. He is Managing Editor of Environment and Planning A and the author or editor of more than a dozen books.

Norma M. Rantisi is Professor in the Department of Geography, Planning and Environment at Concordia University, Montreal.

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