The Economics of Big Business

Series Description

This series of books provides short, accessible introductions to the economics of major business sectors – from airlines to supermarkets, music to pharmaceuticals – explaining how they function and operate. Drawing on case-study material where appropriate, each book examines their business model and economic strategy, how they compete, price, seek efficiencies, manage suppliers, and maximise productivity. They explore the determinants of profitability, how margin is calculated and cash managed. Each book considers the unique issues facing each sector’s future, as well as more general cross-sector challenges, which may be ethical, technological, or environmental. The series will also explore wider questions thrown up by the concentration of economic power, such as the impact on labour, consumers and investors, and the influence corporations have on government policy.

The books assume only a basic understanding of economic theory and seek to present the economic analysis in a form accessible to students from more qualitative disciplines in business studies and the wider social sciences. Primarily works of exegesis and synthesis, the books seek to offer a rigorous presentation of the fundamental economics underpinning key business sectors suitable for course use and for a professional reader seeking to understand the business they’re in, or the business they want to be in.

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Series Titles