Giants: A New Beveridge Report

Series Description

"It is shocking in 2022 to find that the need to tackle want, squalor and disease in our society is as urgent as ever. A reassessment of where we stand in the fight against them is sorely needed, and these books raise the importance of that greatly." – Danny Dorling

Sir William Beveridge’s 1942 Report laid the groundwork for the welfare state in Britain, famously aimed at eradicating the Five Giants of Want, Idleness, Squalor, Disease and Ignorance that stood in the way of reconstruction and social progress. Some 80 years later, Britain finds itself again at such a critical juncture. Our relationship with Europe and a global pandemic may have triggered the impetus for such a national reset, but Beveridge’s Giants have long been regaining their strength.

This series of books aims to offer solutions. Each with a distinctive voice, the books articulate the reality of the Five Giants today and, in the spirit of Beveridge, offer ideas that together could build a better country and better lives for everyone.

Series Titles