Comparative Political Economy

Series Editor: Erik Jones

Erik Jones is Director of European and Eurasian Studies and Professor of European Studies and International Political Economy at the School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) of the Johns Hopkins University. He is co-director of the Council for European Studies (CES) research network on European Integration and the Global Political Economy and Editor of Government and Opposition.

Series Description

This new research series examines contemporary issues in comparative political economy, beginning with the political economy of Europe, including, but not limited to, the European Union and its member states. Pluralistic in approach, the books will offer original, theoretically informed analyses of the interaction between politics and economics, and explore the implications for policy at the regional, national and supranational level.

Inevitably, as the European Union is one of the key elements of the world’s economic structure, the series will cover its role in the political economy of its member states. The series will also encourage research on comparative regionalism, using European experience as a benchmark. The internal divisions and factions within and between member states have huge ramifications for the EU’s action or inaction in the global political economy, and the Eurozone crisis and sovereign debt crisis in Greece has brought the consequences of an ever-closer union into sharp relief, exposing the regional and cultural fault lines within the project.

The series will also include studies of Europe’s position within the broader global political economy showing how the EU and individual countries influence and shape policy beyond their own borders. Recent events in Ukraine and Syria have demonstrated how interconnected European countries are to neighbouring states and how disparately individual states respond. The political and economic consequences of such issues will also be a focus for the titles in the series.

The series is affiliated with the Research Network on European Integration and the Global Political Economy of the Council on European Studies.

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Editorial Board

Dermot Hodson, Birkbeck College, University of London
Alison Johnston, Oregon State University, USA
Regine Paul, University of Bielefeld, Germany
Aidan Regan, University College Dublin
Vivien Schmidt, Boston University, USA